How to combine traveling with education?

Let’s say there is a city you’ve been dreaming of visiting and living in for years. Well, suddenly, an opportunity to travel there arises, and you are free to go there! But wait. You are still in college and must continue your studies even if you go there? Do you decline your chance to travel? Do you agree and compromise your studies? Honestly, neither of these options will do. Today’s students are lucky to have all the tools to combine traveling with education.

You can easily take your chance to travel while combining your new experiences with pursuing a degree. Let’s see how you can make it happen with these simple steps.

combine traveling with education at oxford
Choose a college abroad to combine traveling with education at Oxford

Choose a college overseas

Now this is the easiest and most practical thing you can do if you want to live in the city of your dreams without sacrificing your education or time to pursue it. Look at your school options there and see if you can make it work in terms of finances, logistics, cultural differences, etc. Studying abroad has long become quite a popular option for students who want to see the world without postponing their education.

Let’s say you want to live in Warsaw to explore its culture, try independent living, or maybe connect to your roots. See what schools are there. Do they have many programs in English? Do they have strong programs in your field? Do they accept foreigners, and on what terms? Keep in mind that locals study in public schools for free in most programs. However, as a foreigner, you will have to pay tuition.

Also, see if your chosen school has good networks of Erasmus schools or other exchange programs. Thus, you will be able to study elsewhere for a semester or two if you are interested in it. In our case, Warsaw is right in the heart of Europe, so traveling to other countries for school or during the weekends shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, it is a solid option for those students who value formal education and want to attend university while exploring the world. Besides, even abroad, you can always seek help online with essay writer services when needed.

attend courses remotely to combine traveling with education
Attend courses remotely to combine traveling with education

Consider online or remote learning

Next, aspiring travelers should consider switching to remote or online learning. This type of education allows for higher flexibility with your time and presence. Hence, you can learn at your own pace or personal schedule while traveling to different places or living abroad. Fortunately, most schools such as The TEFL Academy already have numerous online programs and classes available remotely.

Online education doesn’t have to be any worse or less than traditional in-person education. The main difference is that here you will be able to combine your learning with travel experience. Sure, your educational commitment will have to go first. Sometimes, studying all by yourself will feel a bit more lonely or less motivating. Still, you will have your travels to cover the gaps of what you are missing in regular school learning.

combine traveling with education via independent study
Combine traveling with education via independent study

Do independent study

Independent studies can be quite the choice for you, depending on what type of education you need. Overall, not all fields or careers require a higher education degree. You can work on your skills and build knowledge to become your own boss right away. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can educate yourself without a university.

For one, you can take advantage of available online resources. Plenty of sites, online libraries, archives, and even universities with world-class reputations post their educational materials online. This content is often free and available all over the world. Such education will help you save on tuition and give you flexibility in how and what you learn.

Of course, the downside of such learning is that you may need help with organization and structure in your learning routine. Staying on top of your education, not slacking behind, and being motivated will present somewhat of a challenge. It will be particularly challenging since you have so many more exciting activities to see and witness while traveling. However, you can always have real client experience of using essay writer to get assistance with studying.

On the other hand, you can explore the local educational resources like libraries and museums of the city you stay in while traveling. For example, you can’t live and study in Warsaw without visiting its biggest library. The University of Warsaw Library is a sight to see, even if you don’t plan to study there. It has thousands of books in various languages, several study areas, a roof garden, and a nice green area at the front, where students often have picnic studies. Overall, students can always find many learning opportunities even without attending college.

Finally, you can attend seminars and workshops in the region. See what speaks to your academic and personal interests, and go for it. Engaging with experts and like-minded individuals can broaden your perspective and potentially lead to collaborations or further opportunities.

combine traveling with education by immersing in local culture
Combine traveling with education by immersing in local culture

Immerse in the local culture

Every country has something to teach us. You just need to let it do its magic and open your mind to the new lessons. Use your travel experience as an opportunity for cultural and historical exploration. Visit museums, book tours, and explore historical sites and landmarks to deepen your understanding of the subjects you study.

For example, if you are studying ancient history, visit archaeological sites or historical museums in the places you travel to. These places can result in more memorable and valuable experiences than learning from textbooks or lectures. If you study languages, talk to locals more, enroll in language courses, or engage in language exchange programs to practice your skills.

You should also consider various file trips and educational tours. Sometimes local schools and other educational institutions organize tours around the city for students and tourists. These activities provide structured learning experiences in your travel destination. So, look for tours within your interests or academic subjects and join them to gain firsthand knowledge and insights.

invest in time management solutions
Invest in time management solutions to efficiently combine traveling with education

Invest in time management solutions

Lastly, you will need to stay organized to keep up with all your plans. So, prioritize time management in your planning. See how you can use the time most efficiently but without exhausting yourself. Learn to schedule, take breaks during learning, and maintain a life-school balance.

Your studies shouldn’t distract you from many experiences in a new city. Meanwhile, your explorations shouldn’t stay in the way of your educational goal. You can easily achieve all you want with a planner, helpful apps, no procrastination, and a positive attitude. The fact you travel alone already shows how responsible and determined you are. Now apply these qualities to maximize their effects in both areas.

It’s easy to combine traveling with education!

Combining travel and education is more than possible. You just need to work for it a bit harder. Plan your travel and study schedules effectively, allowing for a balance between exploration and academic commitments. Learn about student travel safety rules and stay cautious. Set realistic goals to ensure you make the most of both your travel adventures and educational pursuits. Finally, don’t forget to rest and have fun!

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