6 smart choices to make traveling more enchanting

Traveling is an experience that allows us to expand our boundaries with cultural enrichment and diversity. The simple act of opening up to a new culture lets us experience norms and traditions strikingly different from ours. Such experiences make traveling life-changing, and they enable us to appreciate the beauty that inhabits our world.

Embarking on an exciting adventure to a new destination is an opportunity to learn and break free from all mental shackles. But, how can we make the most of this opportunity?

Not all travelers open themselves up to new experiences and cultural appreciation. Many tourists hesitate to leave the luxurious confines of five-star resorts and world-class luxury hotels.

How can you make traveling more enchanting, enriching, and rewarding? Keep reading to find out.

planning to make traveling better
Planning to make traveling better

1. Make a flexible itinerary

Do you have a habit of rigidly sticking to your itinerary and shunning all experiences that lead to the unknown? Such practices will keep you safe within your comfort zone, but they will deny you the reward of new experiences.

Making an itinerary is essential to avoid wasting time because vacations are usually borrowed time from all our responsibilities. The key is to create a flexible itinerary with ample room for sudden, last-minute plans and unplanned adventures.

2. Plan the accommodations carefully

If resting in a luxurious room with 1000-thread count sheets is essential for your travel experience, conduct diligent research when you make traveling plans. Most vacations end up in disasters due to terrible accommodations or over-priced hotels. Finding accommodation that aligns with your budget, comfort cravings, and other requirements isn’t a walk in the park.

Don’t delay this crucial step until you arrive at your destination, for that’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Instead, arm yourself with research and make bookings in advance. Suppose you’re planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains National Park. In that case, conduct your research on popular places to stay in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

Situating yourself in a centrally-located hotel or BnB will help reduce your commuting costs and make sure you’re always entertained. Be sure to skim through reviews from other travelers before you pick the phone and finalize your booking.

street food to make traveling more authentic
Choose street food to make traveling more authentic

3. Choose street food over fine dining

Regardless of whether you can afford a Michelin-starred meal or not, street food is a must-have experience. Eating exotic treats and trying rare delicacies from street food vendors make traveling an intensely rewarding experience. Trotting through local marketplaces, bazaars, and street food hotspots will allow you to experience the beauty of local cuisine.

Traditional cuisines reveal a great deal about a destination, its culture, and its people. Food is a religion in its own right, and sampling street food will introduce you to exciting new flavors. Be sure to research the best street food joints and must-have gastronomic experiences.

4. Stop obsessing over your Insta feed

We live in a smartphone-crazy world, and many of us travel to fill up our Instagram feed with vibrant images. Is that your only reason to travel to a splendidly scenic destination? If you’re a content creator or a travel blogger, it’s understandable for photography to matter significantly. But don’t allow it to dominate your trip.

After taking those Instagram-worthy shots, put aside your devices and soak in the golden rays of the sunset. And don’t get too distracted by Instagram anxiety, or the entire vacation will evaporate in a blur before you know it. At the end of the trip, you’ll have nothing except a few beautiful shots instead of a life-changing journey. Make traveling better by staying present in the moment.

souvenirs to make traveling more memorable
Souvenirs to make traveling more memorable

5. Scoop up local trinkets & memorabilia

Do you like to bring back souvenirs and artisanal finds from your trips all over the world? There’s nothing more incredible than incorporating cultural artifacts and artisanal trinkets into one’s home décor. It’s almost planting the cultural essence of all the destinations you’ve visited in your house environment. You make traveling a part of your everyday life.

I strongly urge you to visit local marketplaces and bazaars, even if you don’t have the budget to splurge. Scooping up little tokens and tiny souvenirs will prove worthwhile once you get home and experience wistful pangs of longing. Besides, shopping from local artisans will allow you to contribute to the artisanal economy.

6. Venture onto the road less traveled

Adventures that thrill us to the point of fear work wonders at dismantling our comfort zones. Hiking for hours on a dangerously inclined trail will challenge you physically and mentally. At the time, it may feel like an agonizing ordeal that is testing your body beyond its capacity. But once you reach the base camp, the exhilaration of accomplishment will wash over the exhaustion, rewarding you tenfold.

Don’t be afraid to venture onto the road less traveled, especially if it scares you. Adventures demand we put aside all considerations of comfort and test our minds and bodies with the fear of the unknown. It’s essential to open our minds to new experiences and take risks with adequate planning and consideration.


Planning and research are of the utmost significance when it comes to ensuring a rewarding experience. But planning too aggressively and sticking to one’s plans with stubborn rigidness often deters travelers from enriching experiences. It’s crucial to travel with an open mind and appreciate the diversity of new cultures and traditions.

It’s only normal to feel intimated, overwhelmed, and confused while exploring a new destination. We don’t encourage you to ditch your comfort entirely; just don’t let the thought of comfort keep you from adventuring. 

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