6 best tips for post-lockdown travelers

Looking forward to Covid 19 lockdown restrictions lifting and international travel opening up (safely) again?

Yup, I also want to be one of the post-lockdown travelers!

And it looks like there’s progress being made in many parts of the world thanks to vaccine rollouts, the amazing efforts of medical professionals, and members of the public pitching in by sticking to the rules.

While we wait patiently and do our bit to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it’s probably a good time to do some extra planning for that extended international trip you’ve put on pause for some time.

With that in mind, here are six tips for post-lockdown travelers, no matter if they’re considering international or domestic travel.

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post-lockdown travelers safety tips
Once it’s safe, post-lockdown travelers will be able to go exploring again

Advice for post-lockdown travelers

1. Check official travel guidance

Don’t book anything before checking your official government travel guidance for your destination – no matter how closely you think you’ve been following the TV or online news during lockdown!

Remember that government guidance contains useful tips and advice on topics like travel bubbles, destinations that are closed for nonessential travel, places open to travelers only with quarantine, and forms for airline passengers and other travelers. Besides coronavirus restrictions for non essential travel, you will also find mentions of areas to avoid in cities that pose crime and security risks, as well as public health issues.

2. Get Covid-19 travel insurance

Travel insurance that includes Covid-19 coverage is now widely available, so don’t leave home without it.

Find the best deals for future travels from reliable providers on comparison tourism sites like GoCompare.

We use SafetyWing, we’re very happy with them and we recommend them to everyone who plans to travel abroad. They’ve also introduced Covid-19 coverage since August 2020.
Discover travel and health insurance from Safetywing.

3. Check locations of embassies/consulates

You should also check out where the embassy or consulate for your home nation is in each destination and, if possible, get in touch to let consular services know your plans.

Remember – chances are you’ll be fine, but should anything go wrong, these are professionals who can get you home safely. Embassy Finder has all the information you need.

first aid kit for post-lockdown travelers
Post-lockdown travelers should carry a travel first aid kit when they leave home

4. Carry a travel first aid kit

A compact but comprehensive travel first aid kit is another must-buy – you’ll recognize its benefits immediately if you ever suffer a nasty cut or another minor injury in a remote location.

A few items to include are plasters, bandages, gauze, surgical tape, tweezers, scissors, paracetamol, and antiseptic and antihistamine creams.

5. Study online

If you don’t feel this way from the get-go, many long-term travellers on the return leg of their journeys start to feel that they don’t want to go back to their regular humdrum lives.

One way to avoid this happening to you is to study for an online degree while you’re traveling, with an established provider like ARU Distance Learning. With courses on everything from psychology to digital marketing, you can return home to a totally different career destination.

remote work for post-lockdown travelers
Post-lockdown travelers are lucky if they can work remotely

6. Earn online

Even when travel restrictions ease off, remaining restrictions at your destination might make it tricker to find temporary work in physical locations.

So if you need to top up your cash flow while you’re on the move, being able to earn online is a blessing. Whether you want to run a monetized travel blog or work as a copywriting, SEO, or design contractor, get some long-term contracts in the bag before take-off.

There you have ‘em – six terrific tips for post-lockdown travelers to make your next global adventure safe, smooth, and seamless!

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