9 Pigeon Forge attractions you won’t want to miss

So, are you planning to embark on an adventure this year? The Great Smokys seem perfect for a holiday with your friends and/or family. Vacationers can find several quaint towns in Eastern Tennessee for engaging in different family-friendly activities, and Pigeon Forge tops the list with its various attractions.

In October, adventure-bound picnickers flock to these Pigeon Forge attractions in this 200-years-old colony that has become a mecca for American tourists since the last century.

Now, even a weekend-long holiday here can be something worth spending your money on this year’s winter! And in this article, you’ll find some of these can’t-miss Pigeon Forge attractions and activities you should engage in while visiting this city with your travel companions.

A tourist’s to-do list for a trip to Pigeon Forge

What is Pigeon Forge famous for besides being the hub of American domestic tourism?

best pigeon forge attractions

Travel gurus have created listicles mentioning some of the most delicious delicacies found in Pigeon Forge. Tourists can eat everything from apple dumplings and sourwood honey to rainbow trout and homemade fudge. Besides, this town offers you some old-fashioned moonshine, a beverage worth tasting when visiting the city.

However, our article focuses on the family-friendly activities you shouldn’t miss during a vacation in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. The following Pigeon Forge attractions deserve a stopover, so include them in your itinerary. Moreover, make sure to take enough pictures to turn your winter vacation into a memorable experience properly:

hatfields and mccoys pigeon forge attractions
Popular Pigeon Forge attractions: Hatfields & McCoys Dinner Show. Photo by Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0

1. Hatfields & McCoys Dinner Feud

Nothing beats watching family-friendly performances in Pigeon Forge with an all-you-can-eat dinner while spending time with the family. Among several fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, we recommend folks attend this dinner feud with their companions. These feuds entertain families while serving them an exciting variety of southern-style homemade delicacies. So, purchase your tickets before heading to Pigeon Forge. It’s an experience coveted by many would-travelers and fun-loving folks.

2. The Ripley’s

Ripley’s Aquarium is well-known, and its displays are exotic! However, visitors flock to this location to watch Ripley’s collection of mermaids – real-life swimmers clad in fish-like costumes and dancing for your entertainment. Their fascinating underwater well-rehearsed performances attract an audience of all ages. This mermaid show is considered one of the headlines of the aquarium. So, don’t forget to include attendance to this performance in your vacation schedule when you visit Pigeon Forge.

3. Shades of the Past

Several car shows take place in the Great Smokys since Americans’ infatuation with vehicles is well-known. Therefore, Pigeon Forge extinguishes your need for watching beautiful automobiles by organizing this annual festival. This famous festival will happen again in September, so now you have another chance to attend this marvelous car show. You can admire some of the most amazing vehicles, from Mustangs to Corvettes. So, organize your next trip to Pigeon Forge as soon as possible.

Pigeon Ford attractions Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Top Pigeon Ford attractions: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

4. The National Park

Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge-bound travelers always remember to attend this marvelous location along with over 14 million annual visitors, as per NPS. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers sightseers to wander around the Appalachian countryside and hike 800+ miles of trail available publicly. Visitors can enjoy several activities in this park, such as fishing, camping, and horseback riding. So, don’t miss these Pigeon Forge attractions and activities!

5. Gravity Park

Pigeon Forge offers the unique experience of soaring above the earth in the Gravity Park. So, an individual can enjoy zorbing here, probably the only place in the United States offering this unique experience. Three people use heavy water-filled orbs to slide down different tracks. Yes, people can roll around in huge inflatable balls in Pigeon Forge. It almost sounds like a childhood fantasy that has magically come true. Read online reviews of this place, and you will see that visitors have enjoyed it among many other Pigeon Forge attractions.

6. Patriot Park

Besides the National Park, you should consider paying homage to Patriot Park while visiting the city of Pigeon Forge. Dedicated to Sevier Country battle veterans, this park contains all states’ flags and war memorials. Visitors often participate in the Patriot Festival and other celebratory occasions held in this location. Also, visitors can wander around Wear Farm City Park to enjoy the recreational facilities. Don’t forget to click some selfies in these areas, because they’re some of the top Pigeon Forge attractions.

titanic pigeon forge attractions
Best Pigeon Forge attractions: The Titanic Museum. Photo by Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0

7. The Titanic

One of the most famous boat-themed Pigeon Forge attractions is the Titanic Museum. This massive display of Titanic-related artifacts allows visitors to pay homage to the passenger of the titular vessel who drowned tragically in 1912. Today, you can attend several events associated with the Titanic in this museum. The museum hosts a Celebrate Freedom event in August to honor military personnel. Our soldiers’ and veterans’ services are appreciated for one month, a can’t-miss event for patriots.

dollywood pigeon ford attractions
Popular Pigeon Ford attractions: Dollywood. Photo by I, Brian Stansberry, CC BY-SA 3.0

8. Dollywood

Who doesn’t recognize Dolly Parton and her services to the entertainment industry? As Pigeon Forge is the actress’s birthplace, they have a Dollywood place to attract visitors from all over the US. In 2015, some 2.5 million people visited this awesome theme park. Even today, Dollywood remains one of the most popular Pigeon Forge attractions nearby the Great Smokys. Dollywood’s Summer Celebration just ended on August 7, but would-be visitors shall be able to catch it next year. You will probably see Dolly there as well, besides enjoying a visit to one of the best Pigeon Ford attractions.

9. The Island

Finally, let’s discuss one of the most all-inclusive family-focused entertainment complexes found in the town of Pigeon Forge. The Island offers different entertainment options, including a 200-foot-tall wheel from which travelers can observe the entire town and all the Pigeon Ford attractions you’ve visited already.


We’ve discussed some can’t-miss places in Pigeon Forge that should be included in every holiday-bound traveler’s to-do list today. Don’t abandon an opportunity to visit these places and create new memories. Therefore, we talked about locations such as Dollywood, the Island, and the Titanic Museum called the pinnacles of American domestic tourism in the 21st century. Moreover, vacationers must pay homage to other museums such as the Ripley’s and wander in Patriot Park with their companions. Also, don’t forget to attend exotic car shows when you arrive and plan a trip around the best Pigeon Forge attractions. Visiting the celebrated National Park also is a can’t-miss activity for anyone determined to travel to Pigeon Forge this season.

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