Where to find plane tickets online

When you’re planning your next travel trip abroad, among the first things you have to deal with is finding plane tickets online. And you probably noticed this already, but most plane tickets aren’t that cheap. Finding cheap plane tickets is a skill and this is the first article of a long series that will teach you how to do it. So today we’re going to talk about where you can find plane tickets online.

Airline companies’ websites

Airline companies sell tickets directly to passengers on their official websites. After a quick search on the web, you can easily find their flight schedules with available special offers, if any. Take a good look at the flight schedule to pick out the best time during the day or the week to fly for cheap.

Keep in mind that though sharing routes, airline companies don’t also intend to share customers. Competition is fierce on popular routes. While the big airlines offer more comfort, they also charge more than the small one. If you’re only interested in getting from A to B without spending too much money, check low-cost airlines instead.

plane tickets online travel websites

Travel websites

If you’re wondering how travel websites can offer such cheap flights it’s actually simple: they are consolidators! In other words, they buy airplane tickets in bulk so they can afford to sell them later with a higher discount.

Some of these travel websites also act as flight aggregators. That is why websites like Omio (former GoEuro), SkyscannerMomondo, Expedia, and Kayak always promise the best flight deals out there. Give them a go the next time you’re looking for plane tickets online. Not only are they popular with travelers, but they also have a good track record.

Why you shouldn’t use Lastminute.com

I strongly advise you to not use Lastminute.com based on our personal experience.

My husband booked a return trip to Budapest last year. The first flight got canceled, and they proposed we travel to an airport that is 4 hours away from the one next to home to depart at a later time. It was a weekend trip for when he was actually planning to propose to me, so he said no. And Lastminute refunded him only the first flight, but not the return flight, although we booked a package deal through their website. Not only that, but their customer service is horrible. It’s been almost a year since we’ve been writing to them.

They gave up on sending us robot-like replies, so we got on Twitter. They decided to block us both instead of dealing with the issue they created. So I went to Facebook. Where I saw a huuuge amount of comments with complaints from other travelers. There, though they’ve been reading the private messages, they don’t even bother to reply.

So Lastminute.com… never again!

Lastminute.com was given the opportunity to provide a reply for this article, but they refused to comment.

plane tickets online travel agent
Book plane tickets online like a boss!

Travel agents’ websites

Travel agents are also looking for plane tickets online, so you should check out their websites, as well. They’re a great resource when you’re looking for cheap flights but don’t have the time to look for plane tickets online on your own.

In addition to that, travel agents also hold industry secrets and can further advise you on how to get the best flight deals, providing you with more options. They can usually help you with getting travel packages, which include car rental, hotel accommodation, plus local tours and activities.

Above are three types of places to look for plane tickets online for your next trip. You can try either of them, but I suggest checking them all out and seeing what works best for you. Either way, they’re going to help you save some money on your plane tickets online the next time you travel!

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