Radio Bar Tirana, one of the best places to go out

If you ever have the chance to visit Tirana Albania with some time to spare and wish to have an interesting drink in a very cool atmosphere, drop by Radio Bar Tirana.

The interior of Radio Bar looks quite retro, and the covered terrace can seem a bit whimsical, with cubic shelves filled with plants of all sorts, plus some nice lighting.

What to drink at Radio Bar Tirana

In their menu, you’ll find classic drinks or you can try something new, should you feel slightly adventurous. Tim, for example, had a green drink, based on cucumbers. It tasted very fresh and healthy. A bit too healthy for my taste, so I stuck to a tasty long drink.

Ok, several delicious long drinks!

inside radio bar tirana
Inside Radio Bar Tirana

The staff of Radio Bar Tirana

You can ask the staff for recommendations, as they are very friendly and welcoming, much like the people you will encounter there, too.

The lively events

I suggest following the bar’s Facebook page to stay up to date with what they’re up to, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch something like this:

Radio Bar Tirana
Open daily, between 10.30 and 03.00. Price range: $
Address: Rruga Ismail Qemali P. 29 Ap. 1, Tirana, Tirana 1000, Albania

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