Best place to stay in Shkoder: The Wanderers Hostel

In Tirana, we parted ways with Simon. He went to Kosovo, and we continued our road trip through Albania. But until he left, he talked on an on about this wonderful travelers’ oasis called The Wanderers Hostel (not The Wanderer’s Hostel, mind you!). He said it’s the best place to stay in Shkoder!

He said we might meet him there again, but nothing was certain when it came to him. That is because he didn’t believe in mobile phones and other such technology. He left us in the middle of the night, to catch his bus, without saying goodbye, and uncertain if our paths will cross once more.

Arriving at the Wanderers Hostel in Shkoder

In the morning, our trio had a good breakfast, then headed to Shkoder. We arrived there around noon, and it was very crowded and difficult to find some space since we had no reservation, but they were all so welcoming and nice.

After we set up our stuff, then went on the terrace and had some tea or some coffee. We washed and hung to dry almost all our clothes, then we went for a quick bite in the nearby center. At last, we could finally be lazy for a bit!

The Wanderers Hostel’s awesome staff

We met and hung out with all the staff members and friends, but I spent more time in the company of Suhejl, Hasna, and her brother, Burim.

Suhejl and Hasna got the party started in the evening with some group karaoke on the terrace*. Until a certain German guy said that people come here to sleep, not listen to our noise. So we went to a bar, where we had some raki, and, while sipping from a Cuba Libre,  started chatting with Burim.

Now, he’s studied history and can also have really interesting chats on politics, religion… and relationships. And, also, like Hasna and Suhejl, he is an artist. He works on wood, doing pyrogravure and is quite talented at it.

Ana and I were the first to return to the hostel, as the plan was to get up early the next day, take the ferry on Lake Komani and head to Theth National Park for a hike.

the wanderers hostel chair

The best place to stay in Shkoder

In the morning, as I felt like home at The Wanderers Hostel, I chose to stay there until my friends returned from the mountains. I would spend my time chatting with people, swinging in the hammock, and taking the Komani Lake ferry ride the next day, just for the beauty of it.

And it was the best choice ever!

The Wanderers Hostel 
Social and comfortable atmosphere in a historic home, 5 minutes away from the center by foot.
Free breakfast, coffee, tea, Wi-Fi and parking. Rent a bike and laundry service available. Check-in is from 07.00 and check-out by 13.00. Reservations are valid until 23.00, on the announced arrival day.
No curfew. Child-friendly.
Address: 4001, Rruga G’juhadol, Shkodër, Albania | See on map
Tel. +355 69 212 1062 | Website | Facebook
Book now, with my affiliate,!

When you’re staying at a hostel…

Do you expect silence, to be able to rest and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning?
Or do you want to have lots of fun and party with the other travelers?

What type of hostel guest are you? Share it in a comment!

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24 Thoughts to “Best place to stay in Shkoder: The Wanderers Hostel”

  1. That sounds like a relaxed and chilled stay, with plenty of good company. Sometimes stopping and just appreciating the space you are in is the best thing to do; it’s not always all about the sights. The people make the trip too.

    1. Definitely, the people one meets along the way are very important, if not the most.

      And regarding the sights, if I hadn’t stayed, I wouldn’t have gone on a short bike ride to a nearby lake.

      I think that while you’re travelling, not matter what you decide to do, you can’t go wrong, you’ll still end up with some experience of some kind.

  2. Hostels are a good place to meet new people and make travel arrangements. Always a colorful experience.

    1. Totally agree. This was the first trip I ever stayed in a hostel, and ended up discovering three very different ones along the way. I think each and every one offers a unique experience (despite the repetitive conversations with where are you from, where are you going)

  3. spaydh

    Seems like a cool place ! Reminds me of Waya Guesthouse in Japan, both pretty chill places 🙂

    1. I’d love to find out more about Waya!

  4. Stupid german guy. No one should deny a terrace Karaoke party. If sleep is so important, go back to Germany and sleep, vacations are for living it up and to paaaarty! Sounds like you made the most of it.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!

    1. Hah, actually that was our German guy :))
      (And except for that time, he was pretty ok. I think he was really tired.

      Thank you for visiting!

  5. Sounds like you met some interesting people at the hostel. What were your favorite parts about the hostel itself?

    1. Well, the terrace furniture was painted by the staff. It’s not pretentious, but it’s comfy (especially the hammocks). And there is a lot of vegetation in their courtyard. The atmosphere reminded me of Vama Veche, a very fun place to be on the Romanian seaside during the Summer.

      I also liked their breakfasts. Croissants or some salty pastry thing. Simple, but very good. And coffee and tea for free at all times.

      The bike hiring part was also very useful for the purposes of my trip, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to the lake.

  6. The chair looks awesome .Many a times I have felt that the hostels are very good compared to many motels and average priced accommodations. Good that you got to try some .

    1. I feel so too. It was the first trip in which I tried hostels and I’m definitely going to repeat the experience for other holidays. They’re great places to meet some fun and/or interesting people.

  7. Nicole

    I’m not going to lie, your opening about the guy made me think of the horror movie Hostel but quickly was dispelled with the incredible homey feel of the place you portray. What a fantastic way to meet people and hear their stories. Thanks for making this a happy hostel story!

    1. I haven’t come across any unhappy hostel memories yet. And which guy…? The German one who wanted to sleep? Oh, that was our German guy, it was Tim :))

  8. It’s good to have memories of the people you meet along the way. Hopefully you will catch up with Simon elsewhere – sounds like an unusual traveler.

    1. He was a bit, and I hope he still is. We kept in touch via email for a while. Maybe it’s time I dropped him a line again.

  9. lukeandmeagan

    We usually shy away from hostels (being very introverted), but this sounds like you had a great stay and met some really cool folks! Hostel stories like this always make me think we should give ’em a shot 🙂

    1. You really should, but go for the ones with smaller bedrooms 🙂 I was in one of 4 people here, which was a lot better than the one close to Dubrovnik with a bedroom of 12. A lot quieter here.

  10. Hostels are the best places to meet interesting people from all over the world, and it seems like the Wanderers’ Hostel did not disappoint! Great narrative of how you can become so close to people over raki or even coffee, and then everyone parts their parts their ways the next day. It’s all a magical part of being a backpacker! 😉

  11. Sounds like a fun stay! Would really like to visit Albania someday and the entire Balkan region at that.

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