Discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of my travel gear and all the places I’ve stayed in, ate and drank at, or visited. Paid or not, these articles will always reflect my most honest personal opinions. While reading them, you’ll learn about the travel gear and accessories I’ve tried. You’ll also discover all the places I’ve really loved and the ones I truly hated and would never return to.

Travel gear

mirela the travel bunny with nayo almighty backpack

Nayo Almighty backpacks

Available in two sizes, this travel backpack comes with 22 pockets. It’s perfect to stay organized during road trips or shorter travel adventures alike.

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Mirela The Travel Bunny testing the backpack for the Nayo EXP review

Nayo EXP backpack

Designed to be elegant & resistant, this smart backpack is perfect for business travelers. However, Nayo EXP is able to adapt to any traveler’s everyday needs.

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