Stylish essentials that can fit in any carry-on

Packing a carry-on for travels always seems daunting. There are so many things we consider essentials that we want to bring but such little space! How do you stay stylish on your trip while utilizing the little space available on a carry-on? The key to this is outfit planning! This will save you energy, time, and money on your trip. Packing smart and light requires a few principles and tips to avoid inconveniences and ensure travel efficiency such as…

  • Get to choose the right suitcase to fit everything you need for the trip
  • Investing in multipurpose items is always ideal
  • Only pack essentials
  • Roll your clothes to help fit more within the limited space
  • Stuffing your suitcase pockets helps pack more
  • Discard electricals you wouldn’t need.

Here are some more tips on essential pieces you’ve got to fit somehow in your carry-on!

Essential handbag

The golden rule is never to leave a handbag behind when on vacation! Packing an essential handbag that is versatile yet matches a variety of colors and outfits makes packing a bit easier. For a bag that can truly be worn anywhere at any time, try some bags that can be easily converted to crossbody or clutch bags.

Some fabulous examples of handbags that pass as essentials can be found via Italian leather accessory sites like Mirta. Browse their selection of gorgeous top handle bags that can easily be converted into other bags and that are super durable (aka can stuff easily in any suitcase). Make sure you get softer leather or other material bags so that they’re easy to pack in.

If you choose a hard box-leather type bag, try putting things inside it to maximize space!

scarves are essentials to pack
Scarves are stylish essentials you need to pack for vacation

Silk blend scarf

Scarves are great for trips as they are small and pack light. They are a perfect blend especially for outfits you repeat to try to diversify them a bit. If you are going to a destination that tends to be a bit cooler in the evenings, opt for something like a silk-wool blend that’ll keep you warm.

The great thing about scarves is that there are literally endless ways in which you can style them. You could also try to bring a thin one and then one slightly thicker, since scarves are small you can fit them anywhere.

sneakers are essentials to pack
Stylish essentials to pack on vacation: sneakers that go well with pants and dresses/skirts

Comfortable sneakers

Sneakers are essentials for any trip. For something that can serve multiple purposes, try a pair of white sneakers that have a bit of a casual aesthetic. That way, they can be dressed up or down.

When it comes to shoes it’s essential you really only bring a maximum of 2 pairs. Along with the sneakers, you can pack a pair of dressier heels or something similar.

Flexible outfit for day to night dress

Are you thinking of bringing a perfect little black dress? If so, make sure it’s something that can be dressed up and down effortlessly. For something that is truly easy to style with other pieces, stick to a black or white dress and you can drape any silk scarf over your shoulders or in your hair depending on where you are going! Think of bringing one of your favorite pieces and trying it at home with your sneakers and heels of choice that you’d like to bring and see what you feel comfortable with!

Packing a suitcase with stylish essentials for trips can be a bit hairy, especially if you are a fashionista and want to bring your entire wardrobe! Without the right guidance and tips, you may find yourself with extra luggage that costs more airline fees, becomes a huge inconvenience during the trip, and takes up much of your time and energy. The keyword here is focus and try to plan your stylish outfits in advance!

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