Why you should fly private on your next trip

It’s the time of year when the temperature is tanking, and the snow is starting to fall in many parts of the country. Christmas lights are going up in windows, and trees are sparkling in the corners of many homes.

While cozy life is the life we love, it won’t be long before we’re all daydreaming about trips to tropical islands in the sun. Sitting in front of the fire and wrapping gifts is great, but wouldn’t tanning on hot sand by crystal-clear waters be better? Or how about hiking through verdant, green hills? Or maybe even exploring the ruins of a castle in the middle of a bright green moor? You’re dreaming about booking your private jet flight to a fantasy location, and I’m right there with you!

Whatever kind of destination it is that’s calling to you from across the world, there’s only one way you should be planning to get there: fly private! Too often, the flight to wherever you’re going is less than optimal, and it becomes a blemish on the face of an otherwise perfect holiday. Cramped seating, other passengers breathing, coughing, and sneezing in the same confined space as you, and inflexible flight times. There are more reasons than ever to fly private, and I’m going to share the biggest ones with you in this travel blog article!

Top 3 best reasons to fly private

why private flights are convenient
Believe it or not, it’s actually more convenient to fly private instead of commercial

1. Convenience

Oh, the stress of flying commercials when you’re traveling abroad! It’s the height of inconvenience to have to operate within inflexible systems like booking a flight on an airline with a set timetable and seat allocations. Flying on a private airline is the most convenient way to take a long trip – there’s no contest! Being able to set your own takeoff time is one of the biggest ways in which the convenience of private flights trumps commercial flights. 

Planning around your own needs and those of the friends or family you might fly private with is so much simpler and easier than trying to get everyone’s lives to fit into an airline schedule!

You’ll all meet at the predetermined time and have all your baggage loaded by the private staff; this also means no lost baggage! Losing your bag with all your holiday clothing, makeup, and possibly even a passport in it is the height of inconvenience. Flying private means you avoid those stresses and inconveniences altogether.

The layout of a private plane means that you’re able to sit wherever you like, next to whomever you wish, and possibly even get some work, reading, or a good nap in on the flight because you’re in control of the conditions inside the aircraft. Arriving in style and without any lingering flight frustrations certainly sounds like the best choice to me!

private plane seating
When you fly private, you enjoy comfortable seating. Photo by depositphotos.com

2. Comfort

We’ve all been on one too many uncomfortable commercial flights to ever want to have to take another! The seats never recline quite far enough from you to get completely comfortable, and they’re certainly never wide or soft enough. Legroom is a huge issue if you’re even a few inches taller than average.

You have no control over the inflight entertainment or which means you get to choose from. You can politely ask the passenger behind you to stop screaming at their partner or keep their toddler from kicking the back of your seat, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll acquiesce to that request, however nicely you make it.

Comfort is paramount when you’re spending a long time in the air, and the only way to guarantee that you’ll have it in the maximum possible amounts is to fly private.

On a private flight, the seats are less like movie theater seats and more like the kind of squishy, comfortable armchairs you’d have at home. These recline like lazy boys, so you can squeeze in some sleep, which is ideal for longer flights. There are often couches as well, for cuddles and family time.

The comfort of a private flight extends beyond just the seating arrangements; it goes all the way to food, entertainment, and even things like the temperature in the aircraft. A private airline will often have a far wider range of options when it comes to in-flight meals and offers a far better quality of food than commercial airlines are able to do. You’ll get these menu options ahead of time and be able to make your choice, or there might be a buffet and drinks set out for you to snack from as you please when you fly private

flying on private plane with friends or family
When you fly private, you share the plane with people you know. Photo by depositphotos.com

3. Health

Though the worst of our most recent worldwide medical issues has indeed passed, taking care of our health is still (and will always be) of paramount importance. Flying on commercial flights means hours on end in an enclosed space with other people who might not be as conscious of the health of others as you are. People flying while ill and not wearing masks, coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths. Toddlers touching every surface on the plane and then touching themselves and the faces of others… it’s any germophobe’s worst nightmare!

When you book a private flight, not only do you know the plane is sparkling clean when you board, but you also know that only people you know and are comfortable with are in that tiny enclosed space with you. You’ll arrive at your destination completely healthy and ready to roll!

There are also aspects of mental health that can be vastly improved or better looked after if you choose to fly private rather than commercial. Let’s say a passenger has social anxiety: can you imagine asking them to step into a crowded commercial terminal and then board a plane packed full of strangers? Doesn’t it sound like the ultimate nightmare?

Passengers may have conditions like OCD, Aspergers, or Tourettes that come with their own challenges; especially when in a confirmed space filled with strangers for long periods of time. If you choose to charter a private flight with your party, you’re essentially creating a safe space for yourself and those in your party. The only “interlopers” will be the cabin crew, but they can be apprised of any considerations beforehand and are incredibly well-trained in dealing with all kinds of people who fly private.

Wrap up

Knowing what you know now, will you ever want to fly commercial again?

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