Life as a digital nomad: chasing dreams vs navigating uncertainty

Are you eager to go off on an adventure complete with flexibility and freedom? I had the chance to experience life as a digital nomad while sailing the Mediterranean in 2020 as a travel writer and digital nomad. A global epidemic that caused many individuals to reevaluate their priorities and way of life rendered 2020 a year unlike any other. But for me, it symbolized an opportunity to embrace the unexpected and conquer new horizons.

I can work from anywhere in the globe as a digital nomad as long as I have an internet connection. And what better way to benefit from this independence than to embark on a voyage and discover the Mediterranean? The sea has always made me feel at home, and sailing has provided me with a special viewpoint on the world.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss my adventures sailing the Mediterranean in 2020 as a travel writer and digital nomad. I’ll share with you the difficulties I had throughout this extraordinary period and how SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance assisted me in overcoming them. I’ll also talk about my voyage from the sea to the quaint South of France town where I currently reside and work as a travel blogger.

My article is meant to encourage you to follow your travel aspirations despite any current unrest. I hope that reading about my experience will inspire you to set out and see the world, regardless if it’s your first time traveling or you’re an avid globetrotter. So make yourself a cup of coffee, relax, and come along with me on this fascinating journey of (self)discovery.

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life as a digital nomad at sea sailing
Life as a digital nomad was amazing on Puzzle, our Bavaria 350 sailboat

Life as a digital nomad while sailing in the Mediterranean

It was a dream come true to live as a digital nomad while sailing in the Mediterranean. My husband and I decided to sail and discover the splendor of the Mediterranean after the initial French lockdown. It was a choice that would alter our way of life forever, making us realize that you really don’t need a lot to be happy.

There was a real sense of risk and uncertainty as we departed from the marina at Santa Lucia in Saint-Raphaël. We were sailing into uncharted territory as a pandemic gripped the whole planet. But we also had an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience life to the fullest.

We were able to work from any place as long as we had an internet connection since we were working as digital nomads. This enabled us to maintain our way of life while still enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean. However, that independence also brought a sense of responsibility. We were aware that a backup plan was necessary in case something went wrong.

That’s when we found Nomad Insurance from SafetyWing. This travel and medical insurance policy was later upgraded to include COVID-19 coverage, and knowing that we were covered provided us with a lot more confidence to continue our adventures at sea. We were able to travel with confidence because we knew we had a safety net in place in case anything went wrong.

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No matter where your travels take you, SafetyWing gives you peace of mind with 185 countries covered. The greatest thing, though? It’s the ideal answer for those of us who don’t know where we’ll be living a month from now because you don’t have to let them know your travel plans in advance!

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We faced several difficulties as we navigated between islands, such as border restrictions, quarantines, and even medicane Ianos — a Mediterranean hurricane that severely damaged several Greek islands in the Ionian in September 2020. However, we were able to meet these difficulties head-on since we knew SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance was there to help.

Our adventure ultimately changed us for the better. We discovered how to embrace uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of the world, and live in the present. And without the assistance of SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance, we would not have been able to pull it off.

life as a digital nomad sailing trip
Life as a digital nomad isn’t without risks. This is one of the calm moments at sea before the medicane

Overcoming challenges during the pandemic

My husband and I experienced several obstacles as digital nomads while we were sailing the Mediterranean in 2020. We constantly felt worried about border closures and quarantines because of the epidemic. But despite our fears, we were resolved to make the most of our experience.

We were brimming with excitement and expectation as we set sail. We were anxious to see new places and learn about other cultures. However, as we navigated across the coast and from island to island, we kept being reminded daily of the difficulties we might encounter, especially the risks of border closures and quarantines. That is why we decided to limit the number of countries on our itinerary and also packed provisions for two weeks in case we were going to find ourselves stuck on the boat.

Despite our fears, we were fortunate enough not to face a border closure or a quarantine while sailing. But it didn’t mean we weren’t susceptible to other challenges during the pandemic. Medicane Ianos, a cyclone that devastated a big part of the Greek islands in the Ionian Sea, was one of the worst obstacles we endured.

Medicane Ianos was a severe storm that put our courage and skills to the test. We navigated to the safety of the Mesolonghi Marina from Zakunthos, facing several hours of strong wind gusts and huge waves. Then, in the harbor, despite securing the boat in every way we knew, we overcame two horrible nights of neverending brusque movements, getting very little rest.

We felt safe knowing that we were covered by the SafetyWing Nomad Insurance. We were able to tackle the difficulties of the medicine better since we knew we had a safety net in place in case anything went wrong. In case of need, this insurance coverage would have provided us with the safety and assistance we needed to get through this trying situation and its aftermath, including emergency evacuation.

Our quest ultimately served as a testament to the human spirit’s tenacity. Despite the numerous obstacles we overcame, we never lost sight of our goal of sailing the Mediterranean. And without the peace of mind offered by SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance, it never would have turned out this amazing.

life as a digital nomad in the south of france
Relocating to the South of France isn’t the end of my life as a digital nomad

Relocating to a charming village in the South of France

My husband and I decided to relocate to a lovely village in the South of France after sailing the Mediterranean. Although it was very different from our life at sea, we welcomed the change of pace. We wanted to become fully immersed in the local culture and experience daily life in this charming French town. Plus, he has a lot of family in the area, and we quickly started feeling at home here.

We were awestruck by the beauty and calm of our surroundings as we settled into our new home. Even though we are bordered by rolling hills with lovely hiking routes, the Cote d’Azur’s stunning beaches are just 30 minutes distant, and in the winter, snow-capped mountains are only an hour away. Life moves at a leisurely pace, and we genuinely believe that this is where we belong right now.

Living in the South of France has been an incredible experience. We have immersed ourselves in the local culture, reconnect with family, meet new people, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The change of pace from our life at sea has been welcome, though we sometimes miss our sailboat. However, we live in a place that makes us feel on vacation almost every day. We only need a bit of time to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, we are not ready yet to abandon our adventurous spirit. We might set out to see the world as digital nomads in the future, but this time in our newly bought camper. And when we embark on our next voyage, we will pick SafetyWing’s Digital Nomad insurance once more.

We would not hesitate to choose the SafetyWing Digital Nomad insurance again because it has been a consistent source of information and safety for us. I know we will be able to face all the uncertainties of life on the road with confidence once we have this travel and medical insurance coverage in place.

thoughts on life as a digital nomad
If you want to enjoy life as a digital nomad, you have to mitigate all the risks that come with

Thoughts on life as a digital nomad & the importance of safety

As a whole, our experience as digital nomads has been simply amazing. We have seen and done so much. 2020 has been full of difficulties and ambiguity, but it has also been full of happiness and excitement for us.

When we reflect on our voyage, we can’t help but feel appreciative of the encounters and memories we have had. However, we are also aware of how crucial safety and security are while traveling. We have been able to confidently confront the unexpected at sea and on the road thanks to SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance.

It might be tempting to put off your trip plans during difficult times. However, we encourage others to go after their travel goals, to take the plunge, and to live life to the fullest. Life is an adventure that should be fully experienced. You can face the unexpected with confidence and take advantage of every opportunity provided you have the appropriate safeguards in place.

We hope that our experiences will motivate and inspire you to achieve your own travel goals, whether you are an experienced traveler or you are just beginning your adventure. We hope that you will get SafetyWing Nomad Insurance as your means of protection and security so that you may confidently confront the challenges of life as a digital nomad.

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