How do you pack for a yearlong trip?

Preparing for a yearlong trip is an exciting time, and right now planning that journey is a perfect mental escape and a useful tool for when we can finally end the lockdown period. However, if the time in the run-up is not spent planning wisely, you could be in for a tough year on the road.

In reality, making sure you have everything you will possibly need for a year on the open road is a big task, especially if you think of the number of clothes and toiletries you use in that amount of time. That is why I have been working hard to curate a compact travel guide to help you pack for a trip that will last up to a year. Read on and get prepared for whatever’s on the horizon!

yearlong trip clothes
Choosing clothes for a yearlong trip

Clothes for your trip around the world

You will be able to pick things up on the road, so don’t worry if you forget to pack something.

Start with a few basic outfits for varying occasions for your world trip. Make sure you have a few changes of functional clothes; a set of waterproofs is always a sensible choice. When you are traveling for a long time the smallest comforts make the biggest difference, so making sure something comfy is on your list is a must.

If you are traveling in a group or for a cause you should consider having some custom clothing made for your journey and promote your message if you have one. Take a look at Banana Moon Clothing to get your personalized t-shirts or hoodies for your trip.

yearlong trip shoes
Comfy shoes are a must on your yearlong trip round the world


Although these items are not essential, small luxury items can make the biggest difference to your road trip. They don’t cost much, but they make a world of difference when you’re on the road.

Topping this sub-list is a travel pillow. Small enough to pack into your hand luggage and will make all the difference when sleeping in cramped or uncomfortable surroundings.

If your trip involves a lot of walking and time on foot, then some comfortable insoles will make a huge difference to your travel experience.

year long trip electronic devices
Fully-charged electronic devices during a yearlong trip


Your smartphone will be essential whilst you are traveling, from navigating with maps, catching the memories on camera, and most importantly, staying connected with family back home and friends you make along the way.

This means it’s an absolute must to keep your phone fully charged. You can do this in several ways such as:

  • A solar charger kept on you for using sunlight on the go
  • A portable charger is great to have as a backup
  • A multi-adapter is something you definitely need: you can plug into the mains for a full recharge no matter the travel destinations or the amenities of shared dorms hostels!

Essentials for a yearlong trip

This covers the…. well, essential items you will need on your long term solo travel itinerary, such as your passport, travel documents, and currency because you won’t be doing too much traveling without these.

Think about precautionary measures for your yearlong trip, like a well-stocked first aid kit and some personal details covering any medical conditions or allergies, just in case you need to visit a hospital and cannot speak the local dialect.

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