Travel tips for your trip to Bulgaria

A trip to Bulgaria in Eastern Europe is something almost any traveler would enjoy. Considering an active holiday? This country has everything: swimming, sailing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, hunting, fishing. Or maybe you want a relaxing vacation? Bulgaria has beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches, healing spas, incredible monasteries and churches, hospitable towns.

Discover endless beaches by an emerald sea, high mountains with wonderful gorges and caves, deep lakes and rivers full of fish, large valleys, healing springs, ancient culture, welcoming people, delicious cuisine with tempting wines, and much more on your trip to Bulgaria! Plus, it’s cheap and easy to keep track of your expenses: one euro is two leva.

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trip to bulgaria vacation rental bansko
Bulgaria vacation rental in Bansko

Live like a local during your trip to Bulgaria

All accommodation in Bulgaria has been classified according to the international 5-star system. Privatization has had a tremendous impact, and today the country is proud to have hotels and restaurants that fit into modern world standards.

Once you’re ready to go on a trip to Bulgaria, consider a private home rental for your accommodation. Hotels can be good, but staying at a private home rented for the occasion will give you a chance to see the real Bulgaria. Explore the forests, walk into the village and meet the locals, then see what it feels like to go home to a cabin or a villa at the end of the day. You can also try a beach house if it suits you or an apartment if you prefer a more urban setting. Either way, such a vacation rental in Bulgaria will give you the chance to live as the Bulgarians do.

Getting to know the locals by living among them during a longer trip to Bulgaria will give you the opportunity to learn some of the local language. (Or if you’re already speaking Bulgarian, you’ll have a chance to brush up on your skills.) It will also give you the chance to learn about the local history in a very special way, from the residents themselves. You will get to appreciate all the similarities of the Bulgarian culture to your own and also come to understand the distinctions.

The Bulgarians are beautiful, friendly people with a rich culture and history. Taking the time to live among them, to get to know them as friends and neighbors, is truly an experience that you will always remember!

Private vacation rentals in Bulgaria can be found in various price ranges. If you’re looking for luxury, you can look for a villa. If something more rustic matches your taste and budget, search for small houses or even old farmhouses.

Imagine the coziness and warmth of going back to the house after a long tour, making yourself comfortable while drinking a glass of local wine, having a warm meal, and enjoying the peace and quiet of your surroundings. By staying in a hotel in a major Bulgarian city you’ll definitely discover all the tourist hot spots, but staying in a private home in Bulgaria will show you the real country.

trip to bulgaria travel destinations
Pasarel Lake and the Eye Peak near Sofia, spotted on a trip to Bulgaria

Destination ideas for your trip to Bulgaria

There are so many wonderful places you can visit during your trip to Bulgaria! To give you an idea, here are a few of the best travel destinations in Bulgaria:

  • Bansko, a charming old village in the Pirin Mountains with refurbished houses, stone walls, and cobblestone streets, but gradually overtaken by resort hotels. It is also a nice place to ski in the winter or to hike in the summer. Bansko also attracts lots of travelers to its annual Jazz Festival that takes place at the beginning of August.
  • Nessebar, a lovely little town on Bulgaria’s seaside a few hours south of Varna. Nesebar is also one of Bulgaria’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Sozopol, another beautiful city on the coast of the Black Sea, with traditional houses and ancient archeology sites.

Some other cities in Bulgaria you should visit are Borovets, Plovdiv, Melnik, and Kazanlak.

For more ideas, read about the most beautiful cities on Bulgaria’s seaside.

trip to bulgaria travel tips
Eating lovely food during your trip to Bulgaria

More things to keep in mind

Bulgaria has tourist attractions available all year round. The most famous are the summer resorts along the Black Sea coast and there are several ski resorts that draw visitors in the winter months. The country also has many spas and historic destinations that deliver an extremely rich range of experiences.

Speaking of hot spas, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of mineral water springs all over Bulgaria, so this is something you’d better taste and enjoy during your trip to Bulgaria.

Other drinks you should try during your Bulgaria trips are Ayran and Boza, two non-alcoholic beverages that are popular in the Balkans. Pair them up with some lovely Bulgarian food, like Tarator soup.

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