Central Europe is the region uniting the countries found in the very heart of the continent. Just to make things more clear, here are the countries to which I will be referring to in my articles about Central Europe, in alphabetical order: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Countries to visit in Central Europe


I first visited Austria in my first trip I ever went to outside Romania, when my parents took me on a road trip through several European countries. It ended up being my favorite, and I was happy to revisit it with Mathieu.

Czech Republic

I believe that the Czech Republic is one of Europe’s jewel countries. It has quickly become one of my favorite destinations, and one where I hope to return soon.


Germany is my dad’s favorite country. He not only loves the touristic destinations, but also admires the hard-working and efficient people working in Germany. 

Personally, I love the contrast between Germany’s fairy-tale towns and Berlin.

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