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Devetashka Cave: Astounding must-see place in Bulgaria

We left Veliko Tarnovo behind, heading to Sofia, Bulgaria‘s capital. However, on the way there, we had to make one stop — we simply had to visit Devetashka Cave!

A friend who was living in Sofia at the time had told us how interesting it is. Afterwards, our own Internet searches returned some astonishing images. The latter managed to convince us that this was a must-see since we were in Bulgaria.

Want to explore the cave? Well, there’s quick guide waiting for you at the and of the article, with information on how to get there, what the tickets cost, plus some other details. And until then, I guess the following photos will have to do!

Devetashka Cave: What’s so great about it?

Getting to it isn’t very charming, because it takes quite a long time. But once you do get there, you feel like you’re on a movie set, it seems absolutely surreal. There are these large openings in the ceiling, there’s a small river, and so much green, so much vegetation everywhere!

Just look at it!

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I’m used to caves being still and quiet, the silence broken only by a few drops of water falling every now and then.

But this is something entirely different: it’s full of life, from bats to plants, to the flying, chirping swallows present everywhere. And the openings towards the sky bathe everything in natural light, letting you take in all the vivid colours around you.

Devetashka Cave Bulgaria Peshtera must see

Images © Ana Maria Gavrilă

This is one of my favourite places in Bulgaria, and probably the most beautiful cave I’ve seen.

What about you?

What is the most wonderful cave you’ve discovered so far or would love to explore in the future?


Quick guide for Devetashka Peshtera


What to visit

Devetashka Cave
Devetashka Peshtera or Деветашката пещера in Bulgarian.
Large karst cave around 15 km northeast of Lovech and 2 km away from the village of Devetaki.
Tickets cost 3 leva for adults and 2 leva for students.

Address: Devetaki 5555
Tel. 596-868-8212


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