post-lockdown travelers tips

6 best tips for post-lockdown travelers

Looking forward to Covid 19 lockdown restrictions lifting and international travel opening up (safely) again? Yup, I also want to be one of the post-lockdown travelers! And it looks like there’s progress being made in many parts of the world thanks to vaccine rollouts, the amazing efforts of medical professionals, and members of the public pitching in by sticking to the rules. While we wait patiently and do our bit to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it’s probably a good time to do some extra planning for that extended international trip you’ve put on pause for some time. With that in …

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2021 travel destinations

2021 travel destinations on my list

I know things aren’t looking well for travelers these days, but it doesn’t hurt to dream a bit, right? I’m also aware that all these restrictions that are put to keep all of us safe might get even stricter, so reaching any 2021 travel destinations is going to be an unexpected perk. With that said, let’s daydream a bit and pretend just for a while that everything’s ok. So keep on reading to discover my 2021 travel destinations, or, in other words, the best places I’d love to revisit in safe conditions. In collaboration with, but all views are …

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ski gear

How to shop for cheap ski gear online without sacrificing quality

If you are a beginner and have never taken up skiing before then you might think that you are stuck with buying the same old ski gear that you have always worn before, but there is actually a lot of good options available on the market right now that will get you started without spending a fortune. If you look hard enough you can probably find something for under $200 that will suit your needs and helps you learn how to ski without breaking the bank. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can also look at …

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events in the united states

The most elite events in the United States

When it comes to attending some of the most sought-after 2022 events in the United States, we have you covered. We have rounded up prestigious, exciting, and thought-provoking events that you will not want to miss. From innovative conferences to championship games, these coveted events are considered some of the most elite in the nation. Whether you enjoy cheering on professional athletes, attending inspirational speeches, or admiring luxury designs, our list of exciting elite events in the United States will help you plan out your social calendar for the year. Book your private jet charter to America today and get …

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delicious coffee around the world

Delicious coffee map for travelers

Delicious coffee has conquered the globe. More than 10 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. Fans of this drink are increasingly interested not in the manufacturer, but in where the beans grew, what the weather was like while they were ripe, and how the coffee was roasted. They observe the ritual of making latte, ristretto, or cappuccino with pinpoint precision as if assembling a complex mechanism for a rover on which the fate of humanity depends. In this article, I am not going to tell you how to make delicious coffee at home or make delicious coffee …

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