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travel to sofia bulgaria

Travel to Sofia, Bulgaria’s blissful capital

In the afternoon, after our magnificent stop at Devetashka Cave, we continued to travel to Sofia Bulgaria‘s capital city. I finally got to travel to Sofia Bulgaria! Ok, maybe I am a little too excited about this. But you see, I had already passed through Sofia so many times before on the way to Greece, but until this time I never actually got out of the car to visit anything. I’m thankful to Elena and Adrian who were kind enough to offer to host the three of us while we were doing the Balkan road trip. Not only did we get a free …

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Devetashka Cave

Devetashka Cave: a mesmerizing Bulgarian gem near Veliko Tarnovo

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Bulgaria, a land steeped in history and natural wonders, lies the enigmatic Devetashka Cave. As we journeyed from the charming city of Veliko Tarnovo, with its medieval fortresses and cobblestone streets, the anticipation grew. Sofia, the vibrant capital of Bulgaria, was our final destination, but a detour was calling our name. A dear friend from Sofia had once whispered tales of this mesmerizing cave, painting pictures of its grandeur with words alone. Their stories, combined with the captivating images we stumbled upon online, made it clear: Devetashka Cave Bulgaria wasn’t just another stop on …

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veliko tarnovo street art

Veliko Tarnovo street art & some unexpected findings

Veliko Tarnovo is a beautiful city in northern Bulgaria, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Located on the banks of the Yantra River, Veliko Tarnovo is a popular destination for tourists who want to explore the region’s vibrant culture and history. The city is home to a number of fascinating sights, including the ancient fortress of Tsarevets, the beautiful churches of the historical quarter, and the vibrant street markets and shops. Another highlight is the beautiful Veliko Tarnovo street art. In addition to its historical attractions, Veliko Tarnovo is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities, such …

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balkan road trip

Adventure awaits: The amazing Balkan road trip!

A Balkan road trip is a popular way to explore the countries of the Balkans, which are located in southeastern Europe. The Balkans are known for their stunning natural beauty, rich history and culture, and friendly people. A road trip through the Balkans is a great way to experience the region’s many attractions and attractions, including: Wait, wait… Did you know that the word Balkan means a chain of wooden mountains in Turkish? How do you travel around the Balkans? There are several ways to travel around the Balkans, depending on your preferences and budget. Some of the most popular …

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